4 tips for a successful career page

4 tips for a successful career page

The career site is a company’s business card when it comes to scoring points with potential employees. Interested parties gain an impression of what a company has to offer and what skills are sought. The best strategy for leaving a lasting impression is to design your own career page as authentically as possible. So here are helpful tips on how to get the most out of your own page.

Tip 1: Consider your corporate identity

Career pages are essential for digital recruiting, as they provide a central location for the most important information about the positions being filled. Still, the pages have a lot more potential to offer. In addition to general facts such as starting date, field of activity and desired qualifications, today’s professionals are increasingly interested in what a company stands for and what it is committed to. Therefore, it is a reason to introduce oneself in terms of corporate identity (CI):

  • Why is the company unique?
  • How does it differ from other competitors?
  • What values and standards are represented?
  • What corporate culture is pursued?
  • What is the company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability?
  • Does the company support social associations and initiatives?
  • And much more.

To add a personal touch, team members from respective departments can introduce themselves or the head of the department and management. Along with an appealing quote, this creates a positive and open impression and welcomes new employees right from the start. Videos are also a modern way of providing real insights into the company and transporting everyday life onto the website in addition to the office premises.

Tip 2: Technical design and structure

It is important to create a link between the job posting and your own website at all times. It can cause confusion when companies use external recruiting tools that display a different URL than their own when clicking on the job vacancy. For this reason, both job advertisements on the company’s own website and those of other providers should be designed as consistently as possible. This also includes the company logo, color scheme and font. The structure of the website should be coherent, information should be conveyed well and the design should be inviting. If all factors match, the overall image will be seamless.

Tip 3: Address the target group correctly and present added value

If you want to impress promising talents, you have to show initiative. Because in times of a persistent shortage of skilled workers, it is the companies that have to impress in the war of talents: What does the company have to offer? What makes an advertised position interesting? How does the company accommodate professional and personal development? What other benefits does the company offer? Information like this helps applicants identify themselves with new employers and assess whether a successful and productive future can be created and implemented.

In-house search mandate or client mandate?

In most cases, recruiting agencies search for new talent on behalf of their clients. But from time to time, they are also looking for reinforcements themselves. So, strictly speaking, the career site addresses several target groups. It is important though that they find other appealing information about their future employer in addition to the job description:

New Normal: establishing new ways of working

The Corona pandemic has turned the world of work upside down. New forms of work such as homeoffice, remote work and mobile working create hybrid models that many employees can’t live without. That is why the design of the employment should already be mentioned on the career page: are flexible and location-independent working hours possible? Is technical equipment provided for this purpose?

Work-life balance: promoting health

A good work-life balance is important for a healthy physical and mental condition. For many companies, this also includes supporting sports activities and offering discounts at gyms and the like. For many candidates, the provision of work bicycles is also an important factor that speaks for a company in terms of sustainability and a conscious lifestyle.

A clear division between the company’s own job postings and client mandates also makes for better navigation. By the way: If you want to proactively approach skilled employees and submit suitable job offers, you will find helpful tips for implementing this in the active sourcing approach.

Tip 4: Optimize the application process

The content is appealing and convincing, but the application process is cumbersome and outdated? Then you need to improve it. After all, with every unnecessary click and every redundant form, the process drags on and wastes time. The following points are helpful in making things easy for applicants when applying and lowering the inhibitions that often arise due to complex processes:

  • Transparent and comprehensible process
  • Eye-catching design elements such as “Apply now” button
  • Offering one-click applications, as these are becoming more popular
  • Easy upload of documents such as PDF files
  • Ways to get in touch with questions about the application process


There are many ways to optimize your career pages and make them appealing. The first impression is the most important, so you should take enough time to consider what information is relevant and will make it onto the page. It is important to remain authentic and honest, to represent your own values and principles and to address applicants who really suit the company. As an employer, try to project an image that shows what makes the company so special and why employees like working here.

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