Top 5 measures for efficient recruiting

Top 5 measures for efficient recruiting

Today, modern recruiting usually relies on digital measures. It becomes even more efficient when recruiters have the right tools at their disposal. However, the selection, introduction and implementation of e-recruiting software is often more difficult than anticipated. Recruiting agencies and recruiters ask themselves the following questions: What does the software have to do? How does the software help to increase efficiency? And how does it support employees in their daily work?

Recruiting in the course of digitalization

Recruiting has to adapt to digital transformation and is therefore constantly faced with new challenges. In this context, it is important that recruiting agencies remain flexible and can quickly adapt to changes in HR and recruitment. That’s because the traditional application process is increasingly being replaced by digital processes and the management of applications mastered using the appropriate tools. The introduction of e-recruiting software offers advantages for both sides: job candidates are systematically guided through the process, and recruiters benefit not only from clear document management and transparent processes, but also from being able to concentrate on the essentials - direct contact with customers and applicants. Some functions in particular help to increase efficiency.

Better workflow thanks to practical features

Using e-recruiting software can make a huge difference to the quality of workflows. If the software is also equipped with smart features, workflows as well as the search for suitable candidates are optimized and made easier:

1. Search Engine

An integrated search function in the e-recruiting software enables recruiters to search the databases using various filters. In addition to a simple keyword search, it is also possible to differentiate by visual filters or Boolean operators, as well as by location. For example, talents can be filtered by place of residence, professional training or a specific previous experience. Even profiles that have not been viewed for a long time or were not considered remain up to date through this function and are not forgotten. Data that has only been stored in related documents, but not in the profile, also becomes visible through the search filters. This makes it easier for recruiters to find suitable candidates and saves time, making the search more efficient.

2. Chrome Extension

Chrome has been one of the most popular Internet browsers for many years, if only because of the many free extensions and add-ons. After installing a Chrome Extension, the selected functions are available to users in the navigation bar. Usually, the extensions are openly available and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. This makes it easy to customize browsers to your own requirements and needs. Some recruiting software specifically offer Chrome Extensions that allow recruiters to easily add candidate profiles to their software’s talent pool. Profiles discovered on platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing for example, can be transferred directly into the aiFind management system with the aiFind Sourcing Extension. The software can then automatically analyze and extract the contact’s data, creating a complete profile. This reduces effort, helps recruiters work in a structured way, and promotes an active sourcing approach by proactively contacting potential job candidates.

3. Sales Analytics

It is well worth keeping an eye on sales analytics in the form of key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to increase the success and efficiency of recruiting. The most important KPIs in recruiting can be used to identify sources of error and continuously improve the work process. For recruiters, some KPIs are particularly important and meaningful: Channel Effectiveness and Channel Satisfaction, for example, provide information about which channel attracts the most applicants and ultimately results in the most job placements. KPIs such as time-to-hire, time-to-fill or cost-per-hire analyze the application process and make time and cost expenditure transparent. Other KPIs analyze the composition of the target group and reflect how they evaluate the application process and whether it accurately describes the open position. Some e-recruiting software, such as aiFind, also has integrated tools that automatically measure and evaluate KPIs. This gives companies and recruiters a permanent insight into the efficiency of their working methods and allows them to constantly adapt and improve them.

4. CV Parsing

CV Parsing describes the automatic and intelligent analysis of CVs. With this technique, information relevant for recruiters is filtered out of CVs and transferred to the software without having to enter any data manually. This allows recruiters to focus on identifying suitable candidates without the time-consuming task of sorting and searching through data. CV parsing is also convenient for candidates, as they can simply upload their CV as a document instead of entering their data into dedicated text fields. This saves them time and lowers the barrier to submitting an application.

5. Location Mapping

Location Mapping provides recruiters with an overview of the locations of potential candidates. This is done via a map search integrated into the software and enables, for example, a radius search. Matches in the vicinity of the respective companies can thus be easily overviewed and mediated - because even in times of New Work, Covid-19 and the possibility of working from home, many professionals are still looking for a company close to their place of residence.

Conclusion: Useful functions for greater efficiency

Before companies decide on e-recruiting software, they should be certain that the software will contribute to an efficient recruiting process and unlock potential synergies. The presented features enable an optimal overall concept for the digitalization of recruiting agencies, which supports recruiters in their daily work and starts in the different phases of recruiting. Functions such as the aiFind Sourcing Extension make the aiFind software user-friendly and help users master the challenges of modern day recruiting.