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Mailing Campaigns & CV Analytics

Create your privacy-compliant campaign in 4 steps and share it with your network.

Don’t guess if your clients have opened your email. Analyze the footprints your candidates and clients have left behind. Find out how often your email and candidate profiles were read and contact them when the time is right.

Create automated candidate front sheets for your customers.

HelloWe have a great opportunity that matches your profile. All the job details can be seen here {}{}SEND MAIL

CV Parsings

With our CV parser, resumes and social media profiles are analyzed and conveniently transferred into the system.

JSmith_cv.pdfJohnSmithSoftware EngineerHTML.NETXMLREACTAngularJavascriptAgile MethodologiesC#Skills

Social media import with Web extension

Active sourcing becomes efficient with aiFind. Import candidates and managers from Linkedin or Xing in less than 30 seconds.

linkedin.comFound new prospect!Software EngineerBettina MeyersContinueBettina Meyerswas successfuly saved in your tenant.

Company import with Google integration

You only need one click. It has never been easier to bring companies, including relevant data, into our system.

Dr. Glinz_NameAddressPhone numberEmailDr. GlinzCovis GmbH Heerdter Sandberg, Düsseldorf, GermanyDr. GlinzCovis Hellas EPE Charilaou Trikoupi, Athens, Greece

Search engine

A search where almost everything you can imagine is possible. Use Boolean operators, filters or search through documents to enhance your experience. Create a list based on your search results and use it for mail campaigns.

Are you a map person? Our interactive map allows you to set a distance radius on the location you are interested in and find candidates and customers within range.


Hiring race with candidate journey

In the Hiring race, the status of your candidates during the application process is documented and visualized so that you can keep track of all important information.

The candidate’s journey visual overview, allows you to see and analyze every footprint your candidates have left during the application process.

Phone screensSendout CVsInterviewsOffersDealsCompleted 3/3Completed 3/3Completed 3/3Completed 3/3Completed 3/3

Fast comments with speech-to-text tech

Create and categorise comments, notes, and summaries in aiFind. On the road? No problem, you can also record your thoughts.


Keep control with a reporting

Analyze data from operational processes and evaluate them. Identify strengths, weaknesses and discover new potentials.


Task planning with push notifications

With our built-in task manager and notification system, missing a call or meeting is a thing of the past!

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