Add candidates

Add candidates


Learn how to create candidates in aiFind.

Starting point

  • Click the icon (plus) in the quick start menu at the top right and select “Candidate”.
  • Click on the menu in the upper left, select “Candidate” in the Master Data section. Click on the + at the bottom right.

Step by step

You have three options for creating candidates in aiFind:

  • Manual input

  • Import (parsing) of resumes and social media profiles Click on the “Parse CV” button on the top right and select or drag and drop your CV. Then click on the upload button at the bottom left.

  • Social Media Import with Chrome Extension In Xing and LinkedIn you have the possibility to add candidates quickly, easily and with high quality using the Google Chrome extension.

  • In all three cases you have two options to save your candidate. By clicking on “Save” your candidate will be saved without being informed. By clicking on “Save & Send Opt-in” the candidate will also be saved and will receive an email with a confirmation link according to EU-DSGVO.

Background information

  • Please note that you have to classify a CV after uploading or importing it. To do this, go to the “Attachments” section and select whether your CV is an “Original CV” or a “Frontsheet”. For Exposes (Sendouts) only attachments classified as “Frontsheet” will be considered.

Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend adding candidates using the Google Chrome extension. Usually candidates keep their skills up to date. This way you will have an easy time in the search later on.