Clear browser cache

Clear browser cache


From time to time it can happen that aiFind does not show you the latest information and data. This can also lead to error messages. If you clear your cache, you can almost always solve this problem.

Entry point

  • Open aiFind in your browser

Step by step: Google Chrome

  • Click on the icon (lock) at the top left of the address bar.
  • In the popup, click on the “Website Settings” entry.
  • Now click on the button “Delete data” on the right side of the website.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on “Delete”.
  • Alternatively click here for instructions

Step by step: Other browsers

Background information

  • Caching problems can occur if your browser has stored data (cookies) and these are usually out of date as a result of software updates in aiFind.

Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend that you use “Google Chrome”, as this has the highest compatibility with all the functions in aiFind.
  • On Windows, you can perform a hard refresh with the browser open using the key combination “Ctrl” + “F5”. This will force the website to reload all data.
  • Please contact us immediately if you have problems clearing the cache or if you are using a different operating system.