Who needs an e-recruiting system?

Who needs an e-recruiting system?

An e-recruiting system is essentially designed to make the application process easier, faster and more efficient for the employee before, during and after acquisition. This allows recruiters to focus on their core business: Finding the perfect match for open positions.

An e-recruiting system is suitable for everyone involved in the recruiting process, regardless of whether they are HR department managers, HR officers or recruiting agencies. The software must be able to contribute to every part of the process, whether it is analysis and reporting, management functions or addressing potential candidates. A comprehensive range of services is particularly crucial for recruiters, as their success is closely linked to that of the entire company. Only if their needs and requirements are met can the software facilitate long-term work processes and optimize the search for candidates. Not only the recruitment process, but also the administrative process should be significantly reduced and lead to better, more active recruiting overall. But which tasks and activities should an e-recruiting software fulfill?

Recruiting with and without e-recruiting software

No matter which phase of the recruiting process, a suitable software brings many advantages. We have summarized the most important advantages for you:

  • Simplify the application process: The main task of a recruiting software should be to simplify processes and speed up work procedures. This applies not only to companies, but also to applicants. An application via online form is submitted much faster than in paper format. On the other hand, it is also much easier for companies to keep track of applications if they can manage them in the software.

  • Speed up work processes: Sifting through application documents, making a preliminary selection, organizing appointments for interviews - all this makes the recruiting process time-consuming and complicated. Modern e-recruiting software makes the selection process easier and speeds up organizational aspects by offering various tools for managing and processing incoming applications.

  • Optimize candidate selection: When recruiters take full advantage of their software’s features, they can optimize the entire recruiting process. Candidates are selected less on personal merit and more on qualifications and skills. This way, the entire company benefits from the software.

Success through e-recruiting experience and open communication

In practice, companies often approach software developers such as aiFind with existing problems, whose solutions help to individually adapt the e-recruiting system to the needs of the company. Experts at aiFind try to adapt the functions of the software optimally to the respective requirements by means of an agile working method. For example, a company might still have problems with individual features such as map search, while all other functions have been successfully implemented. Through efficient onboarding and fast migration, the workflow can be optimized by aiFind’s experts so that customers can take full advantage of their new system. Good communication and the constant involvement of customers in product development are essential. This is the only way to ensure that the e-recruiting software is tailored exactly to the needs of the customers.

When it comes to software, the aiFind team combines many years of experience in the field of software development and communication skills to put recruiting agencies in the best possible position.


E-recruiting software brings many benefits - as long as onboarding is successful and the software is tailored to the company’s needs. Therefore, it is helpful for companies to get experts on board. The team at aiFind not only provides a system tailored to the needs of recruiters, but is also always at your side during the onboarding process. You are not sure yet if aiFind is the right software for your company or would like to get advice from our experts? Then simply contact us via our contact form or arrange a demo appointment right away.